Buildings and Grounds


The Narthex, or church lobby, is an inviting room of warm-toned marble. This is a place where people gather before worship. Due to the warmth and sophistication of the room, it is also a favorite place for brides-to-be to have photos taken.

The St. Andrew Sanctuary seats 1600 on three levels. Several local choral and instrumental ensembles perform here, and many individuals and groups use this hall for professional-quality recording.


Bridge and Education Building

The bridge spans the creek that runs through the middle of the property, and connects the Sanctuary with the Education building and the east side of the campus.

The education building houses the Children, Youth, Mission, and other ministry areas. Most of the classes and church offices, as well as the Chapel, are in this building.


Nursery, CWP, and Children’s Area

The nursery, Children’s Weekday Program, and Children’s areas were renovated in the summer of 2011. These areas feature state-of-the-art technology. The brightly-colored walls and floors in these areas invite children to an exciting learning experience that is both fun and safe.


Smith Worship Center

Smith Worship Center was the first building to be constructed, and was the church’s first Sanctuary. Since the current Sanctuary’s construction in 2003, Smith Worship Center has been renovated and is now a state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility, hosting the Saturday night worship service, The Well contemporary service, and other church-wide events.


Good Shepherd Meditation Garden

The Good Shepherd Meditation Garden will be a serene place for contemplation and a special place to gather for celebration and reflection.

The Columbarium will be located within the Good Shepherd Meditation Garden and will consist of a series of granite walls that list the names of our dear departed family and friends on the front of each niche where urns bearing their ashes are stored. As cremation has increasingly become a more popular option at the end of life, the Columbarium will allow congregation members to remain and be cared for at their church home in perpetuity.

A Prayer Labyrinth will be located within the Good Shepherd Meditation Garden. The Prayer Labyrinth is a replica of an ancient labyrinth constructed in the stone floor of European Cathedrals. Medieval Christians visited these labyrinths as an alternative to taking the hazardous pilgrimage to Jerusalem to walk “in the footsteps of Christ.”

If you would like more information on sales of the Columbarium, or if you have any questions, please contact Amy Fuller, or call 214-291-8012.


Pond and Creek

The pond is on the north side of the campus. There is a small land bridge that leads from the shore to the stone cross on the island in the middle. This is a quiet place to sit and enjoy God’s creation.

The creek flows from the pond through the middle of the campus. This serene area has benches where you can sit and listen to the sounds of nature under the canopy of large trees.


Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden is a tranquil area where you can sit in the shade of large trees and observe the flowing water of the creek. This is a good place to study, meditate, or just relax.

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