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At St. Andrew, we believe that our faith in Christ is real, practical and life changing. Each weekend features two styles of worship services, traditional and contemporary. All services contain both engaging music and a message encouraging the transformative life that exists in Christ.

We hope that you come and worship with us as we connect with the God that made us and as we connect with one another. You do not have to be perfect to come here. None of us are – but we do expect God to work with you once you are here. As you begin to call this church home, join us in our mission of becoming passionate servants of Jesus Christ.


This traditional worship experience is designed for people of all ages and in all stages of their faith journeys. Powerful music from the Chancel Choir, music ensembles and inspirational, engaging sermons combine to give glory to God and witness to our hope in Jesus Christ.

Contemporary (The Well)

The Well is a contemporary worship experience at St. Andrew. Featuring a live band with an alternative sound and an expansive video wall, The Well reaches all generations looking to worship and engage with God in a new way.

Service Times

5:30 p.m., Smith Worship Center

9:30 & 10:50 a.m., Sanctuary
Traditional - Watch Live

9:30 & 10:50 a.m., Smith Worship Center
Contemporary - Watch Live

Current Worship Series

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Knowledge, in the modern world, is built on the five human senses. Our experience yields evidence which justifies belief in the truth or falsehood of an idea.

To the modern person, knowledge of God begins in skepticism: If we can experience God, then we will believe. In other words, as the famous football coach once said when evaluating his players, “I only know what I see.”

Yet, God’s existence isn’t dependent on our belief, and faith in God, to quote the writer of Hebrews, is the evidence of things not seen.

What happens when we meet a God who was then, who is now, and who always will be? For Christians, it means that God prevails, no matter what happens in the modern world.

When it comes to God, there is no if. There is only a therefore.

At St. Andrew, our legacy comes not from the world but from God and the saints who have come before. Therefore, with bold conviction we celebrate the first 30 years and move forward to the next 30 years.