Worship Services

Saturday Evening Worship

5:30 p.m.
Smith Worship Center

Sunday Traditional Worship

8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.

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Sunday Contemporary Worship

9:09 &10:39 a.m.
Smith Worship Center

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The Jesus Way

Through February 28 / March 1

God has extended all of us an invitation to salvation. The invitation was made personally through Jesus, and its message is found consistently throughout scripture as a testimony of what God has done for us and who we are called to be because of it. As Christians, we are called to invite others on this journey as well, but in order for us to do that, we have to know why the invitation is necessary and what it means. We often misunderstand salvation, thinking of it as a one-time event rather than a process that began before we were born and continuing into eternity. That is the gift that everyone needs, and we have to figure out how not only to tell the story, but how to make St. Andrew into a place where people, when they walk in from the outside, are able to find Jesus here.

“Christ is the Way”
Rev. JoNell Lindh

In the face of the unanswerable “Why?,” we have to choose where we stand. We’ll never have the all the answers we want, never know all that there is to know. For 2,000 years Christians have stood strong in the face of the darkness, standing on Jesus Christ and our sure knowledge of his resurrection. If the cross tells us anything, it tells us that God himself has already received the worst that this world has to offer.


5:30 p.m., Smith Worship Center

The Saturday evening service features traditional Christ-centered, biblically-based sermons, along with a relaxed atmosphere and casual dress. You will experience a variety of worship music from various ensembles, soloists, and instrumentalists. Saturday night is truly alive at St. Andrew!

“Christ Above All”
Rev. Robert Hasley

There is only one reason to be a Christian - because you believe that the Christian claims are true. Not because you need help with some aspect of your life or because you want to belong to something. How do we know that the claims we make are true? Because God resurrected Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity stands or falls on the truthfulness of that claim. The impact upon us and the world we touch is transformational when serving Christ becomes our number one priority.


8:00 a.m., Festival Hall

Jump start your day with the Early Service. Relevant, Bible-centered worship blends traditional and contemporary elements. Communion is served every Sunday. Let your spirit be renewed in this intimate and spiritual gathering.

11:00 a.m., Sanctuary

This progressive-traditional worship experience is designed for people of all ages and in all stages of their faith journeys. Powerful music from the Chancel Choir, music ensembles and inspirational, engaging sermons combine to give glory to God and witness to our hope in Jesus Christ.

“Christ, No Matter What”
Rev. Arthur Jones

Out of all the things in this world, Christ matters most. Out of all the beliefs in the world – Christ is what we hold on to. We believe that Jesus is God which means that we hold on to Christ, no matter what.

The Well
9:09 & 10:39 a.m., Smith Worship Center

The Well is a contemporary worship experience at St. Andrew. We are a family-friendly, alternative sounding, visually engaging community seeking to live like Jesus. The Well is a community of people worshiping the same God, but in a new way. Click here for more information.

“Christ, No Matter What”
Dr. Scott Engle

What may be the oldest piece of writing in the Bible, the book of Job, is concerned solely with asking why bad things happen. Why is there pain and suffering in this world? Couldn’t God have done better? Sadly, we throw our accusations at God, failing to grasp that God has already received the worst from us.

9:30 a.m., Sanctuary

This is a Christ-centered worship experience built on a foundation of engaging biblical teaching. The Chancel Choir and other ensembles lead the powerful worship music.

Holy Week Events

Palm Sunday Processional

March 29, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m., Sanctuary
Children ages 3 through 5th grade are invited to participate in the Palm Processional, celebrating Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Maundy Thursday

April 2, 7:00 p.m., Sanctuary
Intimate Communion experience at tables of twelve

Good Friday

April 3, 7:00 p.m., Sanctuary
Service of dramatic readings, powerful music, and darkness

Childcare will be provided for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services

Easter Weekend Services

Saturday, April 4

5:30 p.m., Sanctuary

Sunday, April 5

6:15 a.m., Sunrise, Columbarium
Youth-led sunrise worship service

8:00 a.m., Sanctuary

9:09 & 10:39 a.m., Smith Worship Center

9:30 & 11:00 a.m., Sanctuary
Chancel Choir, Orchestra and Bells

We will be offering childcare for all Easter services except the Sunrise service. We provide childcare for children ages 2 and under. All other children will sit with their parents in worship. Gary's Angels will be available at the 9:30 a.m. service.

Easter Sunday Butterfly Release

After 10:39 a.m. Service, Outside Smith Worship Center
After 11:00 a.m. Service, Outside the Sanctuary