50% Relationships, 50% Learning

Build relationships alongside other Christians in a smaller, comfortable setting as we learn about our faith together. Each group has a unique personality and focus; our ministry team is excited to help match you with the group that's right for you.

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Connection Groups

Connection Groups are small groups designed to cultivate disciples with spiritual and social lives, ultimately creating lasting friendships with others to "do life" with. Group discussion is centered around practical ways to apply Biblical topics in the lives of participants. Groups generally meet for a 5-7 week session three times a year.

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Connection Groups 

In Connection Groups series, we discuss practical ways to apply scripture and Biblical topics to our daily lives.

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Adult Ministries Library

Find your group’s interim study in our collection of past series, church-sponsored lectures, and titles for checkout.


Become an anchor

Adult Ministries would love to provide you with the tools to anchor a new Connection Group. Serving as the group’s Anchor, you will provide the consistent presence that lays the foundation and brings continuity to newly formed Connection Groups. It’s easier than you think! For more information, contact Rev. Jimmy Decker.

Sunday Morning Groups

Sunday Morning Groups encompass every life stage and include Bible study, group discussion, and building relationships. Find more information about each unique group, and visit as many as you like!

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8:30 a.m.
Seekers | Adults with children and/or grandchildren

Room 126
Adults with grown children and grandchildren who seek to incorporate and enhance their daily and spiritual lives through Bible study, social activities,  mission projects in the church and community, and support of one another through difficult times and life's challenges.

9:30 a.m.
Discipling Parents | Parents of teens through young adults

Room 126
All about studying and growing in their faith journey as individuals and parents.

Journey | Married couples, 40s with children

Room 122
All about studying and growing in our faith journey. They invite you to join them. “Don’t stop believing…”

Parents Of Purpose | Parents of teens

Room 123 
This group of parents seeks to guide teen-aged children toward growing their personal faith in Jesus Christ, serving their community, and being involved members of the St. Andrew community. The group, formed in 2017, uses presentation of relevant Christian-based DVDs, guest speakers, and group dialogue to enhance faithful parenting . 

Two by Two | Baby Boomers

Room 120
This group enjoys fun and fellowship, along with community outreach. This engaging group continues in its faith journey and discussions of contemporary issues led by group members and outside speakers. The group meets regularly for social activities and provides awe-inspiring support for group members’ prayer requests. Two by Two has volunteer commitments to Seven Loaves Food Pantry and Project Hope programs.

Walk tHIS Way | 30s and 40s

Room 121
A group centered around providing a comfortable environment for people to share and learn from each other as we all work to balance our faith with our daily lives. Many of us are parents with young children and some of us are not, but we all share a desire to grow in our faith and friendship with Christ and to be around others who are searching for the same thing.

11:00 a.m.
ANEW | Couples and singles 50s-60s

Room 121
Studies spiritual growth, biblical and contemporary issues. Members also enjoy regular social activities and are actively involved in volunteering at the church. Provides adult spiritual growth and fosters friendships with other Christians.

Built to Last | Couples 30s-40s with children infant through elementary

Room 123
A discussion-based group that focuses on the application of biblical principles as they relate to relationships, marriage and spiritual growth. The members of this group invite you to join them as they get to know each other through studies, socials and mission projects.

JOY Senior Bible Study Group | 70+

Piro Hall 4
The group engages in scripture-based study with open discussion. It is a Christian fellowship, who rejoice together in times of joy, provide comfort in times of sorrow, and give support in times of need. As the name implies, it is a “Joy”ful group.

Leap of Faith | Couples and singles 50s-60s

Room 122
Self-taught group that explores a variety of subjects important to Christians today.  Lessons are Bible-based, including studies on specific books of the Bible, prayer, the importance of community, essential Christian beliefs, other religions, and many others.  Sharing of experiences and discussion are encouraged.  The group has been active in numerous mission projects and social events are regularly scheduled.  Contact Kathy or Greg at 972-248-1680.

Parenting with Grace | Married couples 30s and 40s

Room 120
Weekly studies are group-based discussions focused on topics ranging from Christian parenting and marriage to in-depth studies of the Bible. We invite you to join us as we deepen our relationships with Christ and each other through weekly studies, mission work and social activities.

SPIRIT Singles | 50+

Piro Hall 1
Single People Involved in Relating and Inspiring Together — This group is dedicated to spiritual growth, community service, supporting one another and weekly fun, social activities. Join other awesome Christian singles doing life together in Bible and life skills studies. Click here to learn more.

Visions | Single or married adults 50s-70s

Room 126
This group engages in lively discussion of today’s world, and the role of Christians in it. The group supports a caring and casual atmosphere where open discussion is always encouraged during study. The group regularly participates in social and mission activities, and its members are actively involved in several ministry areas of the church.

For more information, email Connie Robertson or call 214-291-8004.

Bible Groups

Bible groups have a specific focus on Biblical studies and meet at different times throughout the year. These groups are led and taught by dedicated church members and also provide time for group discussion and building relationships. For more information, please contact Connie Robertson or call 214-291-8004.

Women’s Monday Morning Bible Group

10:00 a.m.-NOON, 10:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M., ROOM 131

This friendly group of women of all ages and backgrounds desires to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible as well as learn how to become stronger Christians and serve God more effectively. Study formats include both workbook/video/discussion as well as book studies. In addition to studying, the group enjoys fellowship and sharing our joys and concerns. Prayer is an integral part of the group. Between sessions the group often gathers for fun and fellowship. For more information or to join, contact Kathleen McMahon. Childcare is available upon request – contact the Children's Ministry Team. 

Women's Spiritual Growth Group

1ST & 3RD TUESDAY, 6:30-7:30 P.M., ROOM 120, JULY 20-OCTOBER 5
Surrenderd: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus, by Barb Roose
Are you facing a problem in life that you just can't fix, no matter what you do? Perhaps you've heard the phrase "Let go and let God." But it's easier said than done. Is it possible that giving up on what you can't change is God's path to peace for your life? In this six-week Bible study of Jesus in the wilderness, Barb explores Jesus' time of testing. For more information or to join, contact Dawn Conner or call 972-400-5907. 

This group is designed to encourage and enable women to develop a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and God’s kingdom and to be shaped by God toward wholeness so that they may be examples of his grace in the world. Led by Dawn Conner, the group gathers year-round using various small group DVD studies and books. Childcare is available upon request – contact the Children's Ministry Team

Thursday Morning Bible Group

10:00-11:30 A.M., ROOM 131

This group is made up of persons who desire to learn about God, and nurture and encourage one another as they grow in their faith. The group is led by a dedicated team of teachers. If you have questions or need a book for the next study, email Connie Robertson or call 214-291-8004. Childcare available upon request – contact the Children's Ministry Team.

Commonly Asked Questions


Groups meet various times throughout the week.


Some groups meet at the church; others choose to gather in homes.


There are groups for every stage of life.


Bring yourself and a Bible, and invite a friend! Everyone is welcome.


Come as many times as you can. Our groups are meant to create relationships, not add to your to-do list.


Come anyway! Sermons are online at

What about CHILDCARE?

Childcare is provided for Sunday Morning Groups. Some groups that meet at the church have childcare available by reservation. Contact the Children's Ministry Team to make a reservation.