Going Backstage

Learn more about Wesleyan theology, history, traditions, and unique ways we study the Bible.  

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Week One: How do Wesleyans Read Scripture?

The best place to start any conversation on theology is the source of all things God: The Bible. In this week, we are going to start our conversation of God around our Wesleyan Heritage in the same way Wesley did by diving into how we understand scripture, and how we can read it to apply its lessons to life today.

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Week Two: What is Our Wesleyan Heritage?

We have to know where we came from in order to best know where we want to go next. In this week, we take that idea to heart by diving into Wesley’s history and the history of our church. As we see Wesley’s story play out, we will see how God was present in his life and how being present allowed him to better come to know how God would be at work in ours.

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Week Three: What is Our Wesleyan Theology?

Let’s get down to brass tacks. In this week, we are going to get to the meat and potatoes of this series: Our Theology. We will take some time to understand exactly what theology encompasses, and how we differ in our beliefs before diving into the differences between Wesleyanism and Calvinism, arguably the two biggest schools of thought in the world of Protestant theology.

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Week Four: What is Our Wesleyan Theology, Part Two

Previously on Going Backstage… in part two of our discussion on theology, we will continue diving into what makes Wesleyan theology unique and why that uniqueness actually serves our ability to know God more fully. We will spend some time exploring the concept of grace, how we see grace present in different ways in our life, and then most importantly, how this grace is essential to our ability to experience salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Week Five: What is Our Wesleyan Worship?

O Come Let Us Adore Him: In our final week, we will explore worship and the thought process behind it. Wesley was such a big proponent of worship that he and his brother heavily influenced the traditions that we use today in our services. We will talk through the design and structure of worship services, the sacraments that we get to participate in, and finally how we have the opportunity to be enriched for our work in this world through the sacred act of worshipping God.

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In learning about the teachings and theology of John Wesley, we invited our faith family to submit questions to be answered in this virtual Q&A.