His Face In The Crowd

2/26 - 2/27/2022 | Series: Three Short Years

Jesus is the central fixture of many bustling crowds moving together from location to location. This appears to be the status quo from which Jesus withdraws to quiet places alone for respite and prayer. Nevertheless, we are never told that Jesus discourages or dislikes the crowds, rather it seems that the witness of Jesus’ work is most evident within crowds! What must it have been like to sit at the feet of Jesus during his teachings, or witness a healing miracle? Who is this man, Jesus, that responds to the cries of the needy, or who welcomes children to his side? The crowds are one evidence of the reality that there is something different about Jesus, something worth following.

Rev. Arthur Jones | 2/27/2022 | 9:30 AM Traditional

Rev. Arthur Jones | 2/27/2022 | 11:00 AM Contemporary