The Church Without Borders

6/11 - 6/12/2022 (June 11 and 12) | Series: More Than Conquerors

Last week, the church leaders came to an understanding on how the Christian way of life was applicable for both Jews and Gentiles. The timing was perfect because the church was rapidly expanding into different nations and regions. What the early church leaders quickly realized was the universal nature of Jesus’s message of grace and redemption. Paul began to plant church communities in different cities, appealing to the culture and language of that group. (e.g. When Paul was writing to a culture that venerated military service, he used military analogy and language.)

This same universality of the Church continues to exist today. The church is rapidly expanding in different countries such as those in Africa and Asia. Yet it is also growing in areas around the US. Every time we engage with other stories, backgrounds, and cultures, we have the opportunity to see God in a deeper and more meaningful way. Paul discusses God from several different perspectives in his Epistles, and as a result, the language used around God reflects the people he was writing to. None of this contradicts itself, and in every letter, we see a fuller picture of God.

Rev. Arthur Jones | 6/12/2022 | 9:30 AM Traditional

Rev. Arthur Jones | 6/12/2022 | 11:00 AM Contemporary