Application Process

Meet the criteria

Spark Tank applications open again on Memorial Day Weekend, 2018. Projects will be asked to:

  • Include hands-on involvement
    Don’t just make a donation — get involved and let people know why you are doing this!
  • Provide service to our community outside of the St. Andrew walls
    It's not intended to provide support for existing St. Andrew programs or facilities, including our local mission project of The Storehouse of Collin County.  For more information on or communication with The Storehouse, click here..
  • Create opportunities to set an example of Christian love in action
    What can you do for someone else this summer that puts your faith into action?
  • (If desired) Request Spark Tank matching funds of up to $1,000 per person
    Group projects may be approved for higher matching. Youth projects do not require personal investment.
  • Purchase materials (if applicable)
  • Save receipts
  • Do the project
  • Take pictures and video
  • Share online with the hashtag #sparktank
  • Turn in receipts and check request form, receive reimbursement of 50% of monies spent (see below for form)

Application Form

Spark Tank funds for this year have been exhausted! Check back for updates on service opportunities.

After Your Project

To make sure you are reimbursed and your project is shared among our community, follow these steps:

1) Share

If you're on social media, post photos and video with hashtags #sparktank and #saumc.


Send your photos and videos to The purpose of sharing your projects and stories is not to be prideful, but to encourage one another in good deeds and to remind the world what Christianity is all about. Let's change the perception about who Christians are and IGNITE one another to action! 

3) Get Reimbursed (form below)

Fill out the Spark Tank reimbursement request form, and return to the Spark Tank box in the mail room.

Click here for reimbursement form