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DISD Washers and Dryers

Tom Hayden was once a poverty-stricken child attending Mills Elementary – at least when he wasn't skipping class from the stigma of unwashed clothing. Thanks to Tom, and help from a Spark Tank project, today's Mills families are free of such a burden.

baton rouge letters

Letter after letter told the story: In a community devastated by disaster, this project gave students hope and normalcy.

Project Recaps

Need some inspiration? Spark Tank projects can be big or small, near or far. This past summer, church members:

  • Helped a 19-year-old Frisco resident, who lost his mother to ALS and father to cancer in the span of a month. The team cleaned and prepared his home for sale.
  • Drove to different stores around the area and performed random acts of kindness, like paying for someone's groceries or buying a child a toy
  • Purchased 10 sets of washers and dryers to help Dallas ISD students feel more confident in the classroom with clean laundry
  • Provided one meal a week for one month for 120 children at the Heart House After School Program.
  • Purchased cooling towels and ice cream for workers repairing hail-damaged roofs
  • Purchased and built materials for a play therapy room at Promise House for youth in crisis.
  • In multiple projects from various members, served and donated to Hurricane Harvey victims in the Houston and Gulf Coast area

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