2021 All Church TopGolf

Fun for the entire family!

All proceeds support two life-changing St Andrew scholarship programs, Messenger of Hope and Charles Stokes funds.

Sunday, October 3, 3:00-6:00 p.m.
TopGolf The Colony, 3760 Blair Oaks Dr
Sign-up ends September 23

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Event Information

Sunday, October 3, 3:00-6:00 p.m.
TopGolf The Colony, 3760 Blair Oaks Dr

Sponsor Levels

Bays | $150
Includes bay for 6 persons+fajita buffet

Platinum Sponsor | $5,000
Includes 2 bays (6 persons per bay)+fajita buffet, Signage at Bay and Lounge screens and Buffet, recognition on Entry Banners + BIG screen

Gold Sponsor | $2,500
Includes 1 Bay for 6 people+fajita buffet, Signage on Bay and Lounge screens and at Buffet + recognition on Entry Banners

Buffet Sponsor | $1000
Includes 1 Bay for 6 people+fajita buffet, Signage at Buffet

Bay Sponsor | $650
Includes 1 Bay for 6 people+fajita buffet, Signage on Bay screens

Any Amount Donation
Donate any amount


2:45-3:10 p.m. | Arrive at TopGolf and find your bay(s)

3:00-6:00 p.m.| Play Golf, enjoy the fajita buffet, and have fun!

Get Involved

For more information, contact Jimmy Decker.

Messenger of Hope Scholarship

The average tuition cost at area community colleges is $500.
Imagine what a difference your sponsorship can make.

Too often, students earn good grades and have a true desire for a higher education, but family disruption, health issues or situations beyond their control make college a financial impossibility.

Presented by The United Methodist Men of St. Andrew, the Messenger of Hope Scholarship helps fulfill this need with funding and mentorship programming for dozens of deserving students each year.

Last year, the Messenger of Hope fund totaled $85,000.

Story: Bryna Talamantez

SCHOLARSHIP STORY: Growing up dreaming of college, Bryna Talamantez suffered incredible loss within her family. As the possibility of a degree seemed further and further away, the Messenger of Hope Scholarship provided an answer.



Bryna, along with many other deserving students, have been impacted by your participation.
Below are more of the Messenger of Hope scholarship recipients pursuing their college dreams.










Charles Stokes Seminary Education Scholarship

Many people continue to hear God’s call to vocational ministry, and the United Methodist Church is in desperate need of
young men and women to answer this challenge. However, the rising cost of seminary deters many and hinders the ministry
of the church. With this obstacle in mind, St. Andrew has committed to investing in the lives of seminary students with the drive
and passion to serve in ministry.

Scholarship Stories

Allison's community provided plenty of support —and some pushback—to the call to ministry she expressed in high school. But with determination and a big support group, plus monetary aid from the Charles Stokes Scholarship Fund, she's now Rev. Allison Jean.

Jimmy's first response to his call to ministry was, "Man, forget that." He eventually submitted to God, but still sought an answer to pay for seminary. The Charles Stokes Scholarship was just what he needed.

Jennifer watched the snow fall in New Orleans. "When you ask God for a sign, you really need to be prepared for what you're going to get. Because it could potentially be pretty extreme." .... This is her story of life change, which the Charles Stokes Scholarship helped support.

Lauren took a chance and signed up for an Israel trip a year and half in advance. After she dove into the Word and felt the realness of the Holy Land, she knew she was called as a pastor. The Charles Stokes Scholarship helped grant her that chance.

Building Leaders

Through a new partnership with Perkins School of Theology at SMU, the Charles Stokes Seminary Education Scholarship Fund will provide scholarship funds each year to three qualified applicants who show gifts for a promising futuree in church leadership in the amount of $15,000 each. Coupled with this scholarship, St. Andrew will have the opportunity to mentor these students over three years to help develop them into future leaders of the United Methodist Church. 

It is our belief that by affirming these men and women and supporting them both spiritually and financially, we can continue the mission of the church by ensuring strong leadership for the future.